Island Monument Mystery (Island Week 3)

Friday, 5th September 2008 by

It’s Island Week 3 here at GSS, which means we’ll mostly be posting about Islands. It'll probably last about a week.

Here in the Mentawai Islands of West Sumatra, Indonesia there is a tiny, seemingly unnamed, almost totally-forested island.

The only thing on this island, other than trees, is a mysterious, lonely white monument. But what is it?

Our mystery island is just to the south of the much larger island of Hilibafunua (about which I have failed to find anything interesting), but north of the even larger Siberut - an island that is home to a 1,905 km² National Park and inhabited by the Mentawai, a tribe of hunter-gatherers who like to sharpen their teeth.

Our mystery monument hasn't been posted on the Google Earth Forums (it would show up in the Google Earth Community layer in Google Earth if it had), and I can't find any reference to it on the web, at least not in English.

So, who can tell us what this is, or even better, locate a photograph of it?

Thanks to Smiglo.