Street With a View

Wednesday, 5th November 2008 by

The residents of Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania have gone all out to welcome the visiting Google Street View car.

Firstly, they've brought in a marching band for the occasion!

Once the band get out the way, we can see that there's also a massive welcome party underway, with confetti flying everywhere.

Further down the street and things start getting a little bizarre - a mad scientist is attacking some other scientists with a "love-inducing laser beam".

Moving on, some marathon runners narrowly escape vehicular assassination.

Things take a turn for the seriously weird next, as we find a (clearly labelled) "oversized ham". Is there somebody inside perhaps?

The meat theme continues on the corner, where we find a huge roast chicken.

As we pass "Fireman Way" we can see a fireman rescuing a cat. Obviously.

And finally at the end of that utterly odd little journey, an epic battle is underway!

You can see a map of all the things, and read more about them on the official Street With a View site. They also have a making-of video, which we can see in the street view images was filmed by this guy!

Thanks to Jake Peterson.