Valentine’s Sightseeing 2009

Saturday, 14th February 2009 by

If you didn't already know, Valentine's Day is imminent, so if you've not got that special someone a gift yet you better get on with it!

Perhaps we can help with some Google Earth sights around the globe?

In LA, where just a standard rectangular swimming pool isn't enough, you need to show love for your other half by building them a heart-shaped swimming pool.

Or take a walk down the aptly-named Cupid Row in San Bruno to these two streets, which together form a perfect heart shape. I wonder if the any of the houses are for sale?

But if you can't afford a new gaff, how about writing your beloved a simple message of love?

We're still in California, where a field displays the simple message of "I (heart) U". Presumably all the local men have at some point claimed responsibility for the declaration1.

On a German beach near Warnemündethere, there's a message of love which reads "Andrea möchtest du mich ...". Jenni from Google Sightseeing Deutsch has translated this as "Andrea, would you like to ... me", suggesting that the missing work (obscured by an unhelpful cloud) is "heiraten" (marry). 2

To seal the deal our suitor has even added a large love heart.

Lastly, we visit a packed Brighton seafront for a building promotes Love and Peace in one giant message.

Google Sightseeing wishes you all a happy Valentine's Day, however you're spending it! For more romance, we've previously visited various other heart-shaped things and heart pools.

Thanks to i-cube, Catherine, PatrickSalsbury, 89shelby, Marc Cohen, Meigel and Alexei.

  1. Actually, I flew over to California and wrote that message myself just so it would appear on Google Sightseeing and my wife would see it. ↩︎

  2. I'm sure you can guess other alternatives. ↩︎