Bunjil, the sky God

Wednesday, 14th October 2009 by

It's been a while since we featured a giant geoglyph, so it was with great pleasure that we learned of Australia's Bunjil geoglyph at the You Yangs National Park in Victoria.

"You Yangs" is a derivation of the Aboriginal words meaning "big mountain in the middle of a plain", and sculptor Andrew Rogers chose this location for his giant avian-figure as a homage to the indigenous Wautharong Aborigines, who lived on these lands for tens of thousands of years.

The bird is "Bunjil", the Wautharong's sky god, and has a huge 100m wing span, formed from piles of over 1500 tonnes of rock.

Andrew Rogers is currently involved in his massive “Rhythms of Life” project, which is the largest contemporary land-art undertaking in the world. The plan is to create a chain of stone sculptures like this one, all around the globe - a project involving over 5,000 people on five continents.

We'll be taking a look at some of Andrew Rogers' other works in the coming weeks, so leave a comment if you know of one that has coverage that you think we should post!

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Thanks to neotrix.