The Oldest Electronically Lit School Emblem in the World

Wednesday, 12th October 2005 by

Perched on the side of Mount Zion in Colorado is a giant 'M' for the Colorado School of Mines. The school claims that it is the 'largest electronically-lit school emblem in the world', a claim which is disputed by Brigham Young University, whose giant illuminated 'Y' is clearly much larger.

However, the M is definitely older, and has also been lighted for a good thirty years longer – so Colorado is entitled to lay claim to having the 'oldest electronically lit school emblem in the world' . . . if they wanted to that is.

School of Mines \'M\'

Thanks to Andrew G. Milmoe, Cyndi Wheeler, Timothy, Keith Maxon, Skor Grimm and Charles Christensen