The University of Large Type

Wednesday, 25th May 2005 by

Studying at University can be quite a stressful experience so why not take your mind of things by indulging in a popular student pastime? No, not drinking and casual sex - creating gigantic letters on the side of a hill! Is there a better way to avoid lectures?

Our first example is a giant "Y" in the mountains to the west of Brigham Young University, Utah. You can see how it's looking right now thanks to the 24/7 webcams.

 Brigham Young University

There's a giant "KS" (of an unfinished "KSU" - slackers) outside Kansas State University.

Kansas State University

And in Montana everyone has a go with a "M" for Montana State University, another "M" for the University of Montana and just a little north a slightly smaller "L" for Loyola High School (even schoolkids are getting in on the act!).

Montana State University University of Montana Loyola High School

Thanks: Keith, Elton M, Patia & Todd Spatafore