Street View for Singapore, and more for Canada!

Wednesday, 2nd December 2009 by

As yet there hasn't been an official announcement, but today has nevertheless seen a ton of new Street View imagery released right across the world.

The biggest news is that Singapore has received coverage for the first time, becoming the third Asian country to get coverage after Japan and Taiwan earlier this year.

Raffles Hotel in Singapore

Canada, which has only had Street View for a couple of months, has just been blessed1 with new coverage of Edmonton, Hamilton, London (Ontario), Saskatoon, St. John’s, Sudbury, Winnipeg and Victoria!

BC Parliament Buildings, ‎Victoria

That's not all either - remember when Google asked for the UK public's feedback on where the Google Trike should go next? Well the imagery has been released and they've visited some of the most iconic off-road locations across the country! We're posting them all to our twitter feed today, but we'll be rounding them all up later on too.

The original Stonehenge

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Thanks to Google Maps Mania and Mapperz

  1. Or cursed, depending on your point of view. ↩︎