Crazy SCUBA Guys Chase Street View

Tuesday, 9th February 2010 by

Google has today launched brand new Street View imagery for Norway, Finland and large parts of Canada. But it's in Norway where we've now uncovered one of the most utterly bizarre sightings we've ever seen on Street View.

On arrival to this residential street in Bergen, the Google camera car is greeted by two adults, dressed head to toe in SCUBA gear, sitting in a couple of deck chairs. It's a lovely sunny day, but they're prepared for the worst with an umbrella.

The situation gets even weirder when the two men leap from their seats and begin to pursue the car down the road, brandishing harpoons!

Given that the two divers are wearing flippers, they actually manage to keep up for a surprisingly long distance before the Google car leaves them behind, presumably cursing into their masks.

These guys must have known the camera car was coming, but how? In recent days we've seen a group of German people claiming they bugged the streetview car with a GPS device, which makes us wonder if we'll see more and more bizarre protests as the whereabouts of Google's cars become better known?

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Thanks to @prebenlm.