Street View Car Chase

Thursday, 19th March 2009 by

Driving around the city of Bradford, the Google driver spots a shortcut through a road clearly marked as Buses, Taxis and Cycles only. But hey, no one will notice right?

After nipping down the road, the driver is stopped at a red light. Clearly in the wrong, he's probably urging the lights to change so he can get out of there sharpish.

But what's this in the distance? Yup, it's the cops. Quick Google driver, floor it!

Anticipating a tussle, the policeman even pauses the dramatic chase to pick up his partner!

But eventually our driver sees that there is no escape from West Yorkshire Police, and pulls over (into the car park of the former police station).

Let that be a lesson kids, you always get caught. This epic chase was also photographed from the pavement and the story is document on Neatorama.

Many thanks to We Are Dave