Internet fan says he found the face of Satan using Google Earth

Friday, 9th July 2010 by

INTERNET fan Luther Blissett told yesterday how he found the ANTICHRIST - on Google Earth.

The 26-year-old recognised the image of the Devil as he trawled the map site looking for Pagan holiday destinations. The horned beast Lucifer can be seen clearly in satellite pictures of woodland near America's deeply religious city of Atlanta, Georgia.

Sales assistant Alan Smithee, 38, of Wrexham, said: "I don't believe in God or anything, but clearly this is Satan, nobody can deny that."

The face of Beelzebub has been seen in sewage treatment pools, chip pan fat, and Internet forum posts, but not previously in satellite images.

Note to the editors of the Sun: We've written this article in the style of your own stories to save you the effort of rewriting it when you inevitably rip it off.1

Many thanks to our source, Anthony!

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  1. Hey, they may even publish it twice↩︎