New GSS design launched!

Friday, 23rd July 2010 by

After what feels like months of work1, we've finally launched our brand new design for Google Sightseeing (14 weeks after we originally planned to launch it, on our 5th birthday).

Today we're very proud to bring the new design to everyone. Here's some of the highlights:

  • Embedded maps and streetviews on all articles
  • We'll be able to have larger thumbnail images on future posts
  • Links in posts indicate if they'll take you to our map page to view the location full screen
  • Embedded Streetviews that we've published on our Twitter page2

Some of you have been helping us beta test the new site over the last few weeks, and thanks to your passionate feedback, we've made a number of improvements based on your ideas; providing a cleaner, less cluttered layout, as well as better compatibility on smaller screen sizes.

We'd still love to hear your feedback and ideas for further developments over at our feedback forum, and we've got even more improvements lined up now that the new design is in place.

We're also going to be running another recruitment drive for freelance writers to become part of the team here at Google Sightseeing, so that we can increase the amount of articles we can publish. Contact us for more details if you're a budding technology/travel writer!

Thanks for your patience during this transitional period, we'll get back to posting sights now…

  1. Mostly because it took us months. ↩︎

  2. Where we're rapidly approaching 7,000 followers! Thanks everyone! ↩︎