Volcano Week 5

Monday, 2nd August 2010 by

First launched in 1905 (give or take a hundred years)1, Google Sightseeing's well established annual Volcano Week returns again for 2010, with a whole week of posts dedicated to the explosive ruptures in the surface of our planet.

In past posts, we've covered loads of really fascinating volcanoes, be they extinct, dormant, recently active, or continually spewing forth red hot lava all over the place, and we've got some equally fascinating locations lined up this week.

We love volcanoes here at Google Sightseeing, and fortunately for us, there are rather a lot of them. We've still got some room for a post or two based on your suggestions, so why not browse our archive of volcanoes, and then suggest a location?

  1. Which is a blink of the eye in geological terms after all. ↩︎