Island Week 5

Monday, 27th September 2010 by

Those of you paying close attention to our broadcasting schedule will no doubt have noticed that we missed this year's annual Island Week, which began taking place in August 2006. Those of you paying even closer attention might have noticed that in 2008, Island Week was moved to the first week in September.

In fact over the previous four years, Island Week has occupied no fewer than 3 different time periods. A bit like the The Moving Island of the Grey Monks, we like to keep you guessing where and when this particular island is going to pop up!

Where was I?

Island Week is back! And in the same week as it appeared last year - amazing coincidence don't you think? This week we have a slew of utterly brilliant articles, all based on the theme of masses of land surrounded by water.1

If you've not been reading Google Sightseeing for the last 5 years (where have you been?), then I urge you to read through our old Island Week stories, as some of them are truly fascinating:

Update: Island Week 5 featured the following posts:

  1. Yes, we realise this is a rather vague theme, which is probably why it works so well! ↩︎