Alien Spaceship Actually Found on Google Street View?

Friday, 27th May 2011 by

An alien spaceship has been spotted in northern Spain, and we have the proof! Well, not so fast. Yes, something VERY interesting has been found by Google's Street View camera, but before we get too carried away, let's take a few moments and actually try to figure out what else it could be.

Publishing UFO sightings on the internet can be a risky business, especially when using the fuzzy eye of the street view car to find them. Most "UFOs" are easily explained away as things like low flying airplanes, big balloons, or passing birds. In this case however, it's not very easy to fit this object into one of these categories. So what could it possibly be?

GSS reader Jose sent us a sequence of four street view photos that seem to show something in the sky on the north side of the Autovia del Cantabrico in Spain. Considering this is a highway, and the street view car was presumably moving quite quickly, the fact that we only see this object in 4 frames indicates that it was either moving very fast in the opposite direction, or alternatively barely moving at all.

So what could it be?

Well, if Marvin the Martian was speeding his way up the Spanish coast, then this is definitely what it would look like. The object appears to be out over the beach, away from the road and camera, and the speeds needed to actually pull off a low-pass like this would easily be faster than a military jet. So fast perhaps that most people on the ground wouldn't have seen it speed by.

If we're being confused by the lack of depth in the images, it could perhaps then be an insect. Considering most bugs are not very big at all, the street view car would never see it unless it was right next to it. If we assume that such a bug would be moving comparatively slowly compared to the car then it would seem highly unlikely that it would have appeared in so many different frames as the car sped past.

Well how about a low-flying airplane then? Possibly, but taking a look at the surrounding scenery there are't any airports to support the theory of a departing or arriving aircraft. Maybe it was someone out for a joyride but once again, it’s moving so fast!

So what does this flying object actually look like? Well, it has all the characteristics of a classic UFO! It's metallic looking, saucer shaped, moving very quickly, and doesn't really look like either an insect or an airplane.

While I'm not quite claiming that Katy Perry is about to descend from the stars in a duet with a bug-eyed ET wannabe, but I do think it's very interesting, and one of most intriguing finds I've seen in a long time. Many thanks to GSS reader Jose for sending it in!

So let's hear it, what do you think it is?