Parks and Islands (and Denmark too)

Wednesday, 2nd November 2011 by

Hello! Yes we are still here, we've just been caught up (temporarily at least) with offline activities.

As we haven't been keeping you bang up-to-date with the goings on on Google Maps, we should point out that Google just yesterday released a great Street View update that covers the grounds of six parks around the world, including High Line Park where we went on a great tour very recently. Definitely worth checking it out again now that's there's Street View inside the park itself. Here's the full list of new coverage with links to the imagery.

Update: There was also a major update to the imagery in Denmark yesterday, that includes coverage of Legoland Billund and Aalborg Zoo. Check the Google Denmark blog for full details.

On other fronts, we've got some great new content coming to the site soon including the return of the brilliantly non-specific **Island Week*! If you'd like to get involved, please send us your ideas for Island week posts via our submission form, or if you'd like to contribute an article, or even become a writer for Google Sightseeing then get in touch with your ideas.

  1. A safari park! Bonus points to anyone who can find interesting fauna? ↩︎