Streetview USA gets massive update

Wednesday, 10th December 2008 by

Yesterday, Google announced that they had added some extra cities to Street View, including Memphis, Tennessee; Birmingham, Alabama; and Charleston, South Carolina.

What's even more interesting though, is that this update includes a lot of the places in-between places - highways coast-to-coast are now on Street View, and the coverage in the US has actually been doubled.

This means that some of Google Sightseeing's previously posted sights, like The Devil's Tower are now visible in Street View for the first time.

While the update includes places in Maine, West Virginia, North Dakota and South Dakota, a full list of the updates hasn't yet been compiled as far as I can tell.1

With all this new coverage, perhaps you'll be the person to stumble across the next street fight, house on fire, or epic bike-related fail - so get submitting your street view discoveries now!

  1. Possibly just because it would be too hard! The amount of extra coverage here is pretty astounding↩︎