Rowing On The Charles River

Thursday, 12th May 2005 by

Apparently one of the most popular (and picturesque) sports in Boston/Cambridge is rowing on the Charles River. This view near Harvard University captures several 8-person racing shells in mid-stroke. Very cool.

Cashman Andrus says:

You can clearly see the paddles of these boats (8 rowers plus a coxswain). That's the Harvard boathouse in the lower right corner (The one with the red roof).

Further down-river you can see one of Boston's "Red Line" subway trains crossing the Longfellow Bridge (aka "the salt and pepper bridge" because of the shape of the towers). The train shown in this shot is travelling from Cambridge to Boston. David says that:

A train crossing this bridge is used in virtually every 'establishing shot' for movies and tv shows that take place in Boston.

And that's good enough for me to put this post in the Movie Locations category 😉

Rowing on the Charles River Longfellow Bridge

Many thanks to P-Dunny, Cashman Andrus and David