Bridge Between Two Continents

Tuesday, 16th August 2005 by

This is the Bosporus Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey. Interestingly, as the Bosporus strait is the boundary between Europe and Asia, the bridge actually connects two continents. In May 2005 tennis star Venus Williams played a show game on the bridge, making it the only game of tennis to be played on two continents (Wikipedia entry).

 Bosphorus Bridge

Just beside the Bosporus Bridge is an absolutely huge tanker, has anyone seen one bigger than this?

 Bosporus Bridge Tanker

Further north up the Bosporus strait is another bridge which joins Europe with Asia, the Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge (Wikipedia entry).

Thanks: Martin Willey, Marc Armstrong, Jonathan Rawle, deniz erdem, Serkan Kasapbasi, Seref