Arboreal Typography

Wednesday, 26th October 2005 by

If you were going to use trees to graffiti the landscape with the name of your town, city, university or company... what font would you use?

Arboreal sign-writers agree that uppercase lettering is a no-brainer, as legibility is obviously impaired due to the decrease in the letter size... Here in Bismarck, North Dakota, the typographer has decided on a Grotesque sans serif face, not dissimilar to URW Grotesk Extra Light Condensed, and has chosen to set it at 261,354 point (approx.)

Bismarck Bismarck Font?

Over in Indiana, the Studebaker typographer has chosen a heavier typeface with tighter tracking, but a smaller size at only 216,850 point. Again the chosen face is a Grotesque sans serif, very similar (though not identical) to Franklin Gothic Heavy. What's most interesting is the way trees have grown since their initial planting in 1937, creating some really nicely distressed letterforms.

Studebaker Studebaker font?

There's about 5,000 pine trees in the Studebaker sign, so just imagine how many make up the 2,592,000 point Luecke sign...

Thanks to Tim, Jason Signalness, Ryan J, Mark Donnell & aard.