Cathedral of Learning

Monday, 31st October 2005 by

This is the University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning. In what sounds like a hideous industrial accident, this building attempts to 'fuse the idea of a modern skyscraper with the tradition and ideals of Gothic architecture', and is America's tallest university building. Not much of the height is shown from this angle, except for the gigantic shadow of course, which dwarves all other shadows for miles around.

Completed way back in 1937 the building is over 163 metres tall, has 2,529 windows and 42 floors. Apparently floors 38 through 42 are closed off to the general public though, as they not only contain electrical wiring for the building, but also house a nesting pair of peregrine falcons.

Cathedral of Learning

There's a tour of the Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh's site, with a great ground-level shot, and there's also a webcam at the top of the building which you can spin around and zoom in and out till you're dizzy.

Worth noting by the way, that this is only the second tallest educational building in the world...

Thanks to Sixf00t4, Sayf Sharif and David Drexler.