Tower of Hercules

Sunday, 13th November 2005 by

The Tower of Hercules is the oldest Roman lighthouse in the world and the only one still in operation. Spanish legend has it that one of the many heroes named Hercules battled the giant Gerión on this site, killed him, and built the 68 metre tower on top of his bones (Ground level picture).

There is also what appears to be a strange purple orb in the satellite photo (top left of the thumbnail). I can't find any mention of paving art or a reflective dish near the tower, so can only conclude it is a giant version of the 80's office toy / science experiment, the "Plasma Globe".

Reader Brian McNeill, who lives in the area, let us know that the Plasma Globe is just a Compass rose, which you can see more clearly from this aerial photograph. Mystery solved!

Thanks: E150