The Dames Point Bridge

Tuesday, 10th January 2006 by

It's been a while since we had a good bridge shadow, so here is the Napoleon Bonaparte Broward bridge - more commonly known as the Dames Point bridge, in Jacksonville, Florida. Opened in 1989, the 2 mile long bridge is the longest concrete cable-stayed bridge in the United States. I think it's also a rather beautiful contruction. Well, you know... for a bridge.

Live Local has some incredibly high resolution imagery of the bridge - detailed enough to make out which models of car are driving across I'm sure. Our other Live Local thumbnail is of the very top of one of the tower verticals, where you can see a 15 foot wide platform and the stairs leading up to it.

Impressive stuff, however I'm still not sure about Live Local - I find the interface for the bird's eye images clunky and confusing. More importantly, I think Microsoft are missing the point slightly, as one of the reasons I like satellite maps is the geek factor - they're pictures, **taken by satellites***, I mean, that's just cool, right?

Thanks to David Fletcher.

* Yes, I'm fully aware that some of Google's best imagery is aerial photography, but that's not the point!