Live Local Update

Wednesday, 24th May 2006 by

As reported by both the Google Earth Blog and Ogle Earth, Microsoft has provided an awesome update to the UK satellite imagery on their Live Local service. (I still can't work the zoom tool unfortunately, has anyone else noticed that dragging the slider sends the zoom the wrong way?)

Anyway, despite being a little disappointed that I have to use Live Local to see it, I'm nonetheless very pleased to be able to scroll around high-res imagery of Google Sightseeing's home town for the first time! Yes, Edinburgh, along with loads of other places in the UK is now covered with some fantastic quality shots. They even managed to capture Edinburgh on a sunny day!

In our thumbnail you can see the world famous Edinburgh Castle, which has the seating in place on the Castle Esplanade for the yearly Tattoo, which takes place at the same time as the Festival. However the tent for the book festival tent hasn't been erected yet, which places these images around late July. Furthermore, Ocean Terminal hasn't been finished yet, so I reckon this is probably July 2000.

I could post a bazillion things from Edinburgh (like where I used to skateboard, my primary school or my house) but I won't. I hereby promise only to post things which other people submit!

P.S. Mac users note that Live Local still doesn't work in Safari.

Thanks to Jenni, Nev and Simon.