Moving Hosts

Thursday, 25th May 2006 by

We're currently in the process of moving Google Sightseeing to dedicated hosting. And, if you're reading this, it's worked!

Google Sightseeing now has its own dedicated server from EV1 Servers, so everything round here should be pretty speedy. The setup with EV1 went very smoothly, expect for their "thanks for buying a server" courtesy call at 3am - my wife was not amused.

So, we're now fully equipped to handle any slashdotting/diggin/boingboinging traffic you send our way, and then some. However, if you do happen to get any errors on the site please leave a comment on this thread and we'll get it fixed ASAP.

Update: The Akismet spam plugin was eating all the comments so I've temporarily disabled it. Your comments should get through now, but we may get spammed lots. Let's wait and see how it goes...