Very Large Buddhas

Monday, 29th May 2006 by

Seated at the top of 268 steps in the Po Lin Monastery in Hong Kong, is the Tian Tan Buddha - the world's largest 'seated outdoor bronze statue of the Buddha'. The 34 metre tall sculpture can be seen facing the long set of steps rising towards it; his right hand is raised, representing the removal of affliction and his left hand lies on his knee, signifying human happiness (Wikipedia page).

That Buddha not big enough for you? In Ushiku Arcadia, Japan, you'll find Ushiku Daibutsu, which is officially the world's largest statue. Yes bigger than Liberty, Mother Motherland, and even The Motherland (here's a visual comparison of the world's tallest statues).

(thumbnail rotated 180 degrees)

"Surely it's all plinth?" I hear you cry! Nope, this thing is 100 metres tall without the plinth (the plinth is only 20 metres). Ushiku Daibutsu is vast, enormous and gargantuan all at the same time! The Wikipedia page informs us that this Buddha has a 1.2 metre nose, a 20 metre face and a 7 metre (30 foot) finger!

Wow. That's a big finger.

Thanks to Stephan Irle, Ray Chan, Tom Cole and Roy Burroughs.