Tropical Islands Resort

Thursday, 15th June 2006 by

Tropical Island Resort is a large artificial "exotic island" resort in Germany. The 107m tall building was designed and built as a hangar for CL160 Super Heavy-Lift Cargo Airships, but the airships were never constructed so the hangar was a bit useless.

A Malaysian company later bought the hangar and added artificial sunlight, palm trees, sand, swimming pools and bird noises to create the illusion of paradise. The resort is open 24hours all year round and perhaps as a homage to the building's intended use there is a small blimp parked on the runway outside.

But all we really care about is the records - the dome is one of the largest buildings on Earth by volume but its true record is the world's largest single hall without supporting pillars inside. Wooooo.

Thanks: Pille