Wednesday, 9th August 2006 by

The mosque of Al-Masjid al-Ḥarām in Mecca surrounds the Kaaba, the place where all Muslims are expected to visit once in their lives (the Hajj) and where they turn towards when praying.

In this picture you can see masses of people around the Kaaba, as millions visit each year it's usually very busy. Although we've featured crowds before this image is different as it's a Digitalglobe satellite photo, so I believe this is the only example so far where you can see real people on a satellite photograph (previous examples have been aerial photographs).

Also, if you're not a Muslim then have a good browse around the city of Mecca - it is probably your only chance to as the city is strictly off-limits to people who don't follow Islam.

Thanks: Stephen Train, Gyorgy Takacs, Babaganoosh, Markus & Faine Greenwood