Low Isles (Island Week)

Monday, 4th September 2006 by

Island Week is technically over, but we had to squeeze one more post in after loyal reader woowoowoo alerted us to Low Isles, off Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia.

The Low Isles comprise of Low Island to the West and Woody Island (The one with all the trees to the East). This is a Marine National park Zone and is surrounded by 55 acres of reef - perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Unfortunately, it was diving around these reefs that Australia's famous Crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin was recently killed. The man famous for dicing with death around crocodiles met his match with a Stingray, who stung him with a fatal blow to the heart.

Irwin leaves behind a wife and two young children and our deepest sympathy goes out to them.

BBC News Article and Wikipedia links for Steve Irwin and Low Island.

Thanks: woowoowoo