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This aircraft carrier in China is going to have a hard time achieving much while locked in a small lake some 30 miles from the sea.

That's because it's a ¾ scale model of the U.S. Nimitz Class Aircraft carrier, and is part of the "military education centre" of Orient Green Boat after-school camp for youngsters. Don't ask me what youngsters at an after-school camp actually do with an aircraft carrier.

As an added bonus the 380 hectare park is purportedly the "largest sculpture park in the world" (More info from Global Security).

Also going nowhere is the $7 million North Avenue Beach House in Chicago. The ship-shaped building was originally built around the time of the Great Depression and then received a full makeover back in 2000.

Previous Landlocked ships we've featured: The Whampoa, Durban Seaworld and Shekou Sea World.

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