Thursday, 25th January 2007 by

Here we see that someone has carved the word Lonsdale into the crops of a small field in the Dutch town of Veenendaal.

The name "Lonsdale" could refer to many things; towns, travel agents, accountants, or colleges - but probably the most widely recognised is Lonsdale clothing, a UK brand of sports and fashion wear, particularly aimed at the boxing market.

Sadly, Lonsdale the clothing company had nothing to do with this advert, as it was probably created by right-wing extremists - it seems that here in the Netherlands some of them have adopted Lonsdale branded clothing as their unofficial uniform. Allegedly a carefully placed jacket can leave only "NSDA" showing, which is one letter short of NSDAP, the German acronym for Hitler's Nazi Party.

It's comforting then that these particular small-minded idiots appear to be incapable of writing 8 simple letters without getting them upside-down and back-to-front 😀

Thanks: Guardian, Berend & Frans Willemse