New Orleans

Thursday, 5th April 2007 by

In case you missed it, there was recently a spot of bother over the New Orleans images in Google Earth. Back in August 2005, just after Hurricane Katrina wrecked the city, Google updated Maps and Earth with images of the devastation.

Then, in September of 2006, the images were updated with higher-resolution shots of the city - images which were pre-Katrina. Nobody really noticed until the March 2007 image update, and suddenly everyone was up in arms over Google's disrespect for those who suffered. In response Google provided new, high resolution, post-Katrina images of New Orleans.

Outside the newly updated area you can still see some of the devastation Katrina wrought here, like this derailed train, or these flattened houses just over the border in Mississippi.


Inside the updated area however, the images are very high quality, and the first thing that caught our eye was this fantastic shot of an F-15 fighter coming in to land at the New Orleans Naval Air Station.

We also wondered what was going on on the Bonne Carre Spillway Bridge?


Thanks: 2468Scotty and C.P. McDill.