Planes Taking-off in Formation?

Friday, 25th May 2007 by

At this air base in Jordan we find six C101 jets on the runway, and although they're not yet flying, they are in formation! These jets are actually Spanish-designed CASA C-101 Aviojets, which are currently in use by the air forces of Jordan, Chile, Honduras, and of course Spain.

jordandisplayteam1.jpg jordandisplayteam2.jpg

C-101s are actually also used by the Spanish aerobatic display team, Patrulla Águila which is based here at the Spanish Air Force Academy, San Javier.


So are these planes part of the display team? Difficult to say, but there's a lot of them here, so it's more likely these are just air force pilot training planes.1

More on the Royal Jordanian Air Force, aerobatics and the CASA C-101 jet at Wikipedia.

Thanks to Ramez Yaghnam and acalorado.

  1. Apparently you could previously see the actual Spanish display team at Vigo airport, but they've since disappeared from Google Earth and Maps. ↩︎