Grande Dixence Dam

Friday, 12th October 2007 by

Completed all the way back in 1935, this is the Grande Dixence Dam which holds back the Lac des Dix, a 4 km long lake in the Val d'Hérens, Switzerland. The water mainly comes from the summer melt of glaciers, and is piped here via a system of water supply tunnels over 100 km long.

What's really interesting is that in summer the Lac des Dix can be up to 284 metres deep1 - thanks to the fact that at 285 metres tall, the Grande Dixence is the world's tallest dam.

Update: It turns out that this is actually the world's 2nd tallest dam. See my comment for more info. Thanks to Gary for the correction.

Thanks to Joel.

  1. That's deeper than Scotland's famously deep body of water, Loch Ness↩︎