Oceanic Flight 815

Tuesday, 20th November 2007 by

No-one could deny that it’s got more and more stupid with each passing episode, but somehow many of us are still hooked on Lost1, the TV show about large group of good-looking people stuck on a mysterious island.

In what was the most expensive pilot episode of all time, a plane crashed onto a beach. Part of this expense can be attributed to the use of a real passenger jet as a set for the downed aircraft.

According to Lostpedia, the fictional Oceanic flight 815 was a Boeing 777, but the part was actually played by a chopped-up Lockheed L-1011 TriStar. The nose section of this plane is kept under cover, on location in Hawaii:

Before it began its TV career the plane was owned by Delta airlines and had flown some 58,841 flight-hours without crashing onto any desert islands. The fuselage section of the plane is kept closer to the beach where filming happens:

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Thanks: Lostpedia

  1. Annoyingly, Lost doesn’t return to TV until February 2008, meaning that I’ve wasted hours of my life reading theories and wild speculation on Lostpedia and watching the new "missing scene shorts" shorts - or rather, "mobisodes" (which is easily the worst name for anything I've ever heard. Ever.) ↩︎