Northrop YF-23

Wednesday, 30th January 2008 by

Continuing the thread of unique plane finds is this sighting of a Northrop YF-23 .


Specifically, this aircraft is YF-23 model PAV-2, which was nicknamed "Gray Ghost". We know for a fact that it's this model as only two were built, and the other one was painted black. 😉

What's interesting about the YF-23, apart for its brilliantly bizarre wing-shape, is that it came very close to being a staple fighter of the American Air Force.

Looking for an upgrade to the aging F-15 Eagle model, the US Air Force awarded contracts to two potential replacements: the YF-23 and the now-common F-22 raptor. It's not been revealed why, but the F-22 won the competition and the YF-23 model was scrapped.

After the engine was removed PAV-2 was placed on display here, in a car-park outside Northrop Grumman's factory in El Segundo.

Further information on the plane is, of course, available on Wikipedia.

Thanks: McMaster_de.