Image Update July 08

Saturday, 12th July 2008 by

Another month, another image update! Frank at seems to have been first to spot that there's new imagery in Google Earth, which has now been confirmed on the Latlong Blog.

Currently unavailable in Google Maps1, the new imagery includes:

  • USA: San Diego, San Francisco metro area, Wenatchee (WA), New Mexico.
  • Canada: Quebec, New Westminster (BC).
  • England: Bristol
  • Spain: Barcelona, Costa del Sol, Granada, Murcia, Valencia, Cuenca, Toledo, Caceres, Zaragoza.
  • Portugal: Braga, new base imagery for entire country
  • Italy: Rome, Naples
  • Germany: Freidburg, Munich
  • Australia: Brisbane, Great Barrier Reef
  • Taiwan: Taipei, Taichung
  • New 2.5m base imagery for: The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Taiwan, Tasmania, and parts of Mexico, China, and Australia.

Found anything amazing on the new imagery? Then let us know!

  1. Which usually takes a week or two. ↩︎