Big Keys

Friday, 29th August 2008 by

On display outside a French High School, there's what is claimed to be the world's largest key.

The key measures around 10.5 metres long, although may have lost its title earlier this year when Bethlehem claimed the crown1.

It's still impressive, especially in the fact that it's completely useless.

Not as large, but much more mysterious, is a 8.5m key lying around a carpark in Denver.

This key doesn't appear on Live Search Maps2 or the Google Street View imagery, so it was either dropped by a careless giant, or isn't a key at all. So what is it?

Thanks to Felippo & dda.

  1. Did you also notice the far too big keyhole behind the key? ↩︎

  2. Have Microsoft renamed their mapping service again? I thought it was called Live Maps last week... ↩︎