The Felix Centre

Thursday, 7th August 2008 by

In the heart of the English countryside, running right down the middle of a field, is a densely packed residential street!

The Live Search Maps images of the same area shows the resident's cars parked on the street - not many cars though, perhaps there are still properties for sale?

Things aren't aren't always as the seem however... zoom in a little closer and you can see that most of the houses only have a front half! Still, it seems like a nice area, so maybe you could forgive the lack of a a couple of rooms for the chance to own a home in such an idyllic location?

You should probably be aware however that if you were to move here, then there's a fairly high chance that your car would be destroyed in a controlled explosion, as this fake street is in fact a top-secret international bomb-disposal training centre, known as “The Felix Centre”.

The name stems from the idea that bomb disposal experts must have 9 lives (like Felix the Cat) - the term having been first used to describe 321 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company, a division of the British Army who dealt with suspect packages in Northern Ireland.

The full story and aerial photos can be found at Alan Turnbull's Secret Bases site.

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