Two New GSS Authors!

Tuesday, 30th September 2008 by

We're delighted to announce that the Google Sightseeing team now has two new writers!

Ian Brown manages a fair trade retail store in Ottawa, Canada, and says he spends his spare time perusing maps to find new routes to ride on his orange bicycle. Meanwhile John Andresen is resident of the US state of Alabama, a librarian and a writer, who describes himself as a lover of literature and music.

Expect to see exciting new posts from both authors in the coming days, and with two new authors Alex and I will hopefully have more time to develop new features for the site, while maintaining our established regular schedule of weekday posts.

Meanwhile, everybody's favourite aeroplane fanatic Rob will continue to write for the site, despite being headhunted for the job of news editor by his Student Union.

Please join us in welcoming John and Ian, and congratulating Rob!

If you think that you might have what it takes to write for Google Sightseeing then please get in touch!