Friday, 6th February 2009 by

Judging by the number of new followers we have, it appears that this has been the week that Twitter finally hit the mainstream, so we thought we'd post another roundup of the best Street View sights we've posted to the Official Google Sightseeing Twitter feed.

Update: It appears several of these have been deleted by Google since we originally posted them, which is just all the more reason to stay abreast of the very latest findings by subscribing to our Twitter feed!

Or, for those of you who want to avoid the direct messaging that accompanies our Street View posts on Twitter, I've created an experimental RSS feed with Yahoo pipes that will return all our Twitter posts combined with the posts from the main site. Please bear in mind that although I've tried to filter out duplicates and direct message chatter, it's not perfect. However we will be soon incorporating our two feeds together properly.

Finally, for those that do Twitter, next Thursday I will be attending the Edinburgh Twestival, and James will be representing GSS at the Oxford Twestival! See you there?