Top 10 Street Views, April 2009

Friday, 10th April 2009 by

Our all-out assault on Street View continues over on Twitter, and since we still haven't integrated our Twitter posts into the main site anywhere, here's another Friday roundup of the 10 best sights we've found recently.

Lady exposes genitals

At the exact moment that a Spanish Street View car was level with her crotch, this lady foolishly decided to uncross her legs. Which might not have been so bad, but for the fact that she appears to have forgotten to put on any underwear on this particular day.

Camera car commits suicide

This foolish Street View driver forgot he was driving a car with an enormous camera mounted on top, and managed to drive straight into a low bridge - decapitating the camera. The camera kept recording, so rotating the view of the now horizontal images can induce a certain level of nausea.

Unexpected elephant

Given which countries have so far been visited by the Street View team, we never expected to find an elephant in the available images.

Windows XP reborn

Just as the default XP desktop image is about to disappear forever, it's resurrected in Google Street View!

British ability to queue astonishes everyone

I wonder how long these bored-looking people will be waiting at this bus stop?

World's unluckiest van driver

This white-van driver must be incredibly unlucky, as not only has he crashed into a bollard, dislodging it from the concrete pavement and springing open his bonnet, but he managed to do it as the Street View car was recording him!

Serious injury recorded

Has this man collapsed, or was he hit by the driver of the scooter? In another frame we can also see him being loaded into an ambulance, so hopefully he made a full recovery.

The future of online shopping

If breast augmentation could be bought online and delivered, we might see more of these vans.

Tarzan found in San Francisco

Nearly naked man in nothing but a furry loincloth is spotted wandering the streets of San Francisco.

Google driver gets creative with the rules of the road

Lorry blocking a narrow Edinburgh street? No problem, just drive along the pavement!

Also of note, The Sex Police, Creative Tipp-exing, and someone demonstrates how not to engage in extreme sports, as well as hundreds more!

Finally, we also pulled a little April Fools' Day prank with this tweet, which a surprising number of people fell for! (Cue evil laughter)

Undoubtedly, this couple have been caught on Google #streetview having sex. I guess we can all go home now!

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Thanks to everyone who contributed to finding these sights!