Clipperton Island

Thursday, 9th April 2009 by

Clipperton Island, one of the most remote land masses on earth, is an uninhabited coral atoll under French authority, located in the Eastern Pacific Ocean approximately 1,120 kilometres south west of Mexico.


The island was named for John Clipperton, an English pirate who visited the island briefly in the 18th century and may have used it to hide treasure... which so far has never been found!1


12 kilometres in diameter, the ring-shaped island completely encloses a stagnant freshwater lagoon with many deep basins. One of these, known as "the bottomless hole," contains an extremely high concentration of sulphuric acid, making Clipperton a less than desirable vacation destination.


Add to that a severe lack of fresh water and an abundance of poisonous land crabs – and Clipperton Island shapes up to be the perfect location for an evil super-villain's island fortress of doom!

Though uninhabited today, at its peak around 1914 Clipperton was home to a group of 100 men, women and children, and was the site of a booming guano-mining2 operation.

Only three years later, only 10 women and children remained - thanks to a lack of supplies and a homicidal lighthouse keeper. Since then the island has only been visited periodically by French military patrols and the occasional scientific expedition.

  1. Of course that might just mean he never left any. ↩︎

  2. That's right, faeces harvesting! ↩︎