Street View Flasher Shows Penis to World

Tuesday, 12th May 2009 by

Warning: This post contains partial nudity that you may not deem suitable for the workplace or for children.

Update: As expected this image has been quickly removed by Google. For those who feel compelled to have a closer look, here's a screenshot.

Unfortunately for this gentleman in Barcelona, he has chosen to take a pee by the side of the road just as the Google Street View car was passing.

What sets this man apart from others who have done the same, is that instead of turning his back on the passing cars, he foolishly chose to relieve himself whilst facing the street.

Luckily for him, Google's face-blurring technology was working on this occasion, but unluckily for us, his penis remains completely un-blurred. If you think it looks a little small from here, then you can actually zoom in quite a lot closer (if you dare).

We've previously seen naked breasts, bums, and blurry lady-bits on Google Street View, as well as many different men (and even a woman) who have been caught taking a leak, but we never imagined we would ever see urination in such explicit detail.1

I'm not sure about you dear reader2, but I for one hope that we never have to see anyone captured, um... dropping the kids off at the pool.

  1. Fortunately for everyone involved, posting it here all but guarantees its removal from the service in the near future. ↩︎

  2. If indeed you have stuck with our story this far. ↩︎