Street View Public Vote: UK Results

Tuesday, 8th December 2009 by

Over the past few days, Google have added a huge amount of new Street View content, covering many places in Singapore and Canada.

Google have also included a whole raft of new imagery captured by the Street View Trike, covering many popular tourist attractions in the US, as well as several UNESCO World Heritage sites around the world, such as the old town of Cáceres in Spain, the historic Český Krumlov in the Czech Republic, the Roman town of Pompeii and the Palace of Versailles.

Earlier this year Google asked UK users1 to nominate locations for the Street View Trike to photograph, and these democratically-chosen locations have now been added to Street View as well. More than 35,000 votes were cast, and today we're taking a quick tour of the winners.

Angel of the North

Antony Gormley's brilliantly imposing 20 m-tall Angel of the North sculpture is represented well in the new imagery, although nothing short of being there can really get across how absolutely massive the figure's 54 m (178 foot) wingspan really is. (Previously covered on GSS in 2006).

Eden Project

Cornwall's truly amazing Eden Project is not only fascinating from outside, but thanks to Street View, you can now experience the inside of what remains the world's largest greenhouse from your relatively cool chair. We imagine this might be good for those with allergies. (Previously covered on GSS in 2007).


We've already covered the world-famous megaliths of Stonehenge (and its numerous imitators) many times on Google Sightseeing, but nothing can beat these images, which allow you to get even closer to the stones than you'd normally be allowed if you went in person. The inclusion of Stonehenge in this imagery ticks two of Google's boxes, as it's also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Warwick Castle

On a cliff overlooking a bend in the River Avon sits Warwick Castle, which has been here in one form or another since 1068. Today they keep medieval traditions alive by hosting daily jousting tournaments, and their 18m tall, fully-functional trebuchet is currently the largest catapult in the world. (Wikipedia).

Bamburgh Castle

Although there was a castle on the coast at Bamburgh, Northumberland as early as 547, it was destroyed by the Vikings in 993. Therefore the sprawling Bamburgh Castle that we see in the Street View imagery today is the product of Norman efforts to replace the destroyed original fortification. Bamburgh Castle is due to feature in Ridley Scott's upcoming Robin Hood movie. (Wikipedia).

Like all of these special locations, Google was granted special access rights, and actually took the the trike right inside the grounds of the castle.

Millennium Stadium

Cardiff's 74,500-person capacity Millennium Stadium was completed in June 1999 at a cost of 121 million pounds. It's the highest capacity stadium in the world to sport a retractable roof, and the pitch is laid on top of over 7,000 removable pallets - making it an ideal location for all kinds of concerts and sporting events, including the British stage of the World Rally Championship. (Wikipedia).


Although not part of the public vote, even more imagery was released at the same time as everything else. It may initially seem to be a bizarre choice, but the fictional Coronation St (of the popular soap opera of the same name) is, technically, a street. We covered Coronation Street on GSS in 2006, but here you can see the famous Rover's Return pub as if you were really there.

US Public Vote

Google ran another public vote recently, this time to discover where US users would like the Trike to visit. While the imagery hasn't been released yet, the suggestion is that it will be soon - and we can't wait to find out what amazing sights have been chosen by the people of America.

Have you seen the Street View Trike on your travels? Leave a comment if you know somewhere that will be getting coverage in the near future!

  1. Colour us disgusted by the way, that no population-weighting seems to have been done to allow Scotland to receive a visit from the Street View Trike. Take note Google! ↩︎