A bad time to flash your bra

Friday, 12th March 2010 by

This week Google launched an absolutely massive update to Street View in Hong Kong, Macau, and in particular, the UK. With an incredible 96% of British roads now visible, there were always going to be scandals about what was discovered.

While some are making objections to the passing car in their own special way, others aren't really understanding the nature of the technology.

This woman was inside when she spotted the Google car, and leapt up to expose her bra through a window at the passing car.

However she probably failed to realise that – while the existence an anonymised picture of you flashing your underwear isn't a particularly risky thing in itself – having a picture of you posted on Google Maps while flashing your underwear at work is probably another matter.

Update: We've been contacted by the business owner, and it turns out this is indeed a farm nursery after all. In fact, they think it's as funny as we do, and the woman involved will not be disciplined in any way.

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