Crazy Polar-suited Norwegians in Street View Fight

Monday, 30th April 2012 by

It looks as if our Crazy SCUBA Guys have made a comeback! This time the two Norwegian men have been captured wearing bright red polar suits, and can be seen apparently attempting to beat each other to death at the site of a (rather picturesque) historic island fortress.

We originally found the men over 300 kilometres away, when they memorably chased the Street View car down the street in full SCUBA gear, brandishing harpoons. Since our last article, Google now publish the date the imagery was captured so we know these images were taken in July 2009.

In February of 2010 the pair gained widespread internet notoriety for their crazy antics, and probably because of this exposure they decided to undertake another performance the following August.

This time however the two crazy guys in question are clearly focussed on bringing harm to each other rather than the Street View cameras. One man is wielding a golf club, and looks suspiciously like he's about to beat the other man with it.

We can see the fight goes on for a while as the camera moves down the path, with the unarmed man looking like he's taking a bit of a pounding.

As we move further away suddenly the scene changes - out of nowhere we see a car appear, and out of it men are unloading red bags.

Approaching from the other side of the fight we encounter the same men setting up the stunt, although they've been joined by someone on a mobility scooter for some unexplained reason.

In contrast with their last spectacle, this time the pair have inadvertantly circumvented Google's face-blurring technology, potentially revealing their identities to the world

So who are they, what's their motivation, and (most importantly) where might we find them next?