Typhoon Class Submarines

Thursday, 27th April 2006 by

In 1977 the Soviets began construction of a fleet of nuclear submarines that were to hold the title of "World's Largest Submarine" for nearly 30 years (and counting!) - the Typhoon class.

The fictional "Red October" that was hunted in the movie was a Typhoon class sub but in reality there were only six completed (construction of a seventh was aborted half way through).

Despite their age we can see three Typhoon Submarines in reserve service at Zapadnaya Litsa Naval Base. However, it was reported in 2004 that these last three were to be decommissioned, so they may have since been finally dismantled.

If you scroll further up the river you'll also find Oscar-II & Victor-III class submarines and there's a ton more info on the Typhoons at Global Security.

Thanks: Eddie