South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (Island Week)

Tuesday, 29th August 2006 by

Welcome to the loose collection of islands in the southern Atlantic Ocean known as South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

Currently an overseas territory of the United Kingdom, the glacier covered main island of South Georgia was invaded by Argentinean forces on 19 March 1982 - triggering the start of the Falklands War.

South Georgia is also the final resting place of British explorer Ernest Shackleton, who is buried somewhere just south of the settlement of Grytviken, which is looking a little run-down since whaling ended here in 1966 - you can still see the rusting remains of whale oil processing plants and abandoned whaling ships.

Most of the rest of the island group is uncovered by high-resolution, with the stunning exception of the Candlemas Islands, a pair of uninhabited volcanic islands surrounded by hundreds of awesome icebergs.

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