Imagery update October 3rd

Tuesday, 3rd October 2006 by

There's been an announcement on the Google Earth Forums about another large imagery update for both Google Earth and Google Maps. From the Post:

  • the whole state of Minnesota, South Carolina, North Dakota, Missouri (updated to 2005), Idaho, Maryland, and now full coverage for the entire state of Texas
  • Updates to Florida (most of the state covered now)
  • 15 high-resolution cities in Germany
  • update for London, 2006 data at 10cm from Bluesky
  • South Georgia Island (courtesy of the British Antarctic Survey)
  • Albany, OR; Lubbock, TX; Port Townsend, WA; Portage County, OH; Trumball County, OH
  • 32 Digital Globe Citisphere cities (updates and new coverage)
  • In addition there was a significant update to the regular Digital Globe imagery all over the world.

So, if you've looked for something a while ago and found it was low-resolution, now's the time to check again.