Google Sightseeing Reader Takeover Week!

Tuesday, 3rd July 2007 by

Next week Alex and I are taking a little time off. So, to avoid tumbleweed we'll be handing over the reigns to you, our favourite readers, for Google Sightseeing Reader Takeover Week!

Yes, you have the chance to have your very own post here on the front page of Google Sightseeing! Your post should be about something we've not featured on the site before1, and should be written in your own words. The length should be similar to our past posts, and should include the URLs of any Google maps links or pages you wish to link to, as well as suggestions for the post's categories please.

However, you haven't got long to get your post written - we'd like you to get your entry submitted by this Friday, 6th July. We will then schedule all the chosen entries in with the other posts to take pride of place on the front page of Google Sightseeing - attributed to you of course!2.

If there's nothing in your neighbourhood that's worth seeing then you might try visiting the Google Earth Community or Virtual Globetrotting for some inspiration, but if you do find a worthwhile location on another webpage please also include an attribution link.

Time is short, so if you'd like to be a featured blogger here on Google Sightseeing, get submitting your stories!

By submitting an entry you are passing the copyright of your words onto us for publication. We'll try to get as many of the really good submissions posted as possible, but please be aware that not everybody will be chosen.

  1. Our full KML feed for Google Earth is handy for seeing if a location has been posted before. ↩︎

  2. Make sure you include a link to your blog/homepage/myspace/lolcat if you want us to link to you too. ↩︎